Meet the Team – Alicia

Alicia Donnelly

Alicia’s is our twenty-something happy go lucky positive vibes lady, if she’s not making TikToks or splurging on her 3rd flat white of the day, she is usually talking about how we can make our stamp in the digital world for our super brands. She loves being inspired by creative branding & advertising, creating meaningful and engaging content for the brands we know and love. She lives vicariously through her reels aesthetic vlog feeds and love to engage in the odd TikTok dance or OOTD video in the office. She adores the comradery and the ‘vibes’ she gets from being in the office and around the Gals, and bouncing off her sidekick Siobhan and Marina in the Digital Loft. Quoting Alicia usually starts with a ‘Have you seen the TikTok where..!”