PS…Beauty Skin School


To successfully introduce Irish beauty lovers to the new PS…Beauty Skincare range through the use of  a curated Penneys Skincare Collective of high profile influencers led by an industry expert. The campaign was to involve an event along with social media support campaign.


Publicity Loft created a concept of hosting a ‘Penney’s Skin School’ with education/ science themed décor, classroom style with a selection of carefully selected Penney’s Collective Influencers. Event décor included classroom style set up, personalised stationary, lab coats, nerd glasses, test tube, conical flasks, skincare doodle pages. Food/Drinks to include a hydration station to refuel followed by a ‘feed the skin from within’ lunch. The event will be hosted by skin expert Jennifer Rock aka The Skin Nerd who is deemed as the skincare authority in Ireland. Jennifer introduced ‘students’ to each range teaching about key elements to each range – pollution, etc. in order to educate said Influencers to ensure they are informed about each range and can discuss at length throughout their social media posts to promote the campaign. The skin school ‘training’ ensured each Influencer gains an in-depth knowledge into the range to discuss across their social media platforms via social media campaign over a 4 week duration