Skingredients Brand Launch


To successfully launch Skingredients to the Irish market. To create a demand and support retailers through the using PR, events and digital support while embracing a balanced skin diet of ‘What’s Your Recipe?


Skingredients was initially unveiled to key media ahead of being on shelf. Part one was done through a private reveal of the range to beauty editors at an intimate lunch hosted at Skin Nerd HQ , personalised plates in a unique and beautiful setting, carefully curated menu to reflect the core 4 as they had the opportunity to get the low down on the products, ingredients and data first hand before being announced to wider market.

The second part of the launch to market was a nerdie led event hosted in a lecture theatre at the Royal College of Surgeons by beauty journalist, broadcaster and author Sali Hughes whereby she interviewed Skingredients creator, Jennifer Rock. Publicity Loft managed all aspects from conception through to delivery of full press launch event and all surrounding PR activity. Canapés mirrored the ingredients in the Skingredients® range such as protein, antioxidants and good fats etc.